Body & Motion

Out of everything mentioned in the Preparation Handbook, putting time into building strength and range of motion is, by far, your best investment.

  • Start simple and make movement a daily habit.
Reach up to the sky, then bend over and touch your toes. 

  • Bend from side to side, one arm reaching to the floor with the other to the sky.

  • Lay on your stomach and get up from the floor. Switch to your back and get up. 

Repeat each a few times.

Take a beginner’s yoga class. There are plenty of yoga videos available from YouTube or DVDs from your local library.

Do a little bit every day when you wake up.

Take a minute every hour to do a stretch or a movement you are working to improve.

Bodyweight Exercise

Use body-weight exercises to strengthen your muscles.

Practice walking or running over diverse terrain types, Concrete, dirt trails, tall grass, sand, rocks, etc. Each change in landscape will work out different muscle groups.

Pull-ups can be difficult to get started with if you have never practiced that movement. Pull-up assistance bands help by taking some of your body’s weight off of your arms.

Weighted Exercise

Kettlebell weights are versatile and allow for movements that cover all muscle groups. Use kettlebell swings to build strength and your cardio capacity.

Amazon Basics Kettlebells are a great value and usually around $1/lb. You may also find a selection at your local gym equipment stores.


Rogue Fitness has a few kettlebells made in the USA(by Cadillac Casting, Inc. in Cadillac Michigan).

Similar to Kettlebells, sandbags are an unstable load to lift and throw around. Brute Force sandbags make their products in the USA (Denver Colorado). I have a Brute Force sandbag that I’ve been using for about 10 years, and it’s still in great condition.