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Make a list for your supply run. Build your list by writing down each consumable item used this month. 
Purchase multiples of shelf-stable items that you regularly use.
 Totes and Buckets
 Buckets will help keep pests out of any food or supplies.
 Totes help to keep things organized; Anything from small shoe-sized totes up to […]


One gallon Per Person Per day -1g/p/d is enough to get by; a few quarts to drink and one to use for cooking or washing up.
 Stock a few cases of bottled water. Twelve 12-oz bottles is just over a gallon of water. 
1-gallon or 2.5-gallon containers are more convenient to store, reuse, transport, and […]

Situational Awareness

Train your brain to have situational awareness. Take notes to use as a focal point.
 Follow the S.T.O.P. principle. 
 Safety: Remain calm and get to a safe space.
 Think: Where do I fit in the current situation, and where do I need to be.
 Observe: Use diverse news sources to find out more information.

Body & Motion

Out of everything mentioned in the Preparation Handbook, putting time into building strength and range of motion is, by far, your best investment.
 Start simple and make movement a daily habit. 
Reach up to the sky, then bend over and touch your toes. 
 Bend from side to side, one arm reaching to the floor […]